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Partner Networks are partner-led groups that bring together partners with shared identities and experiences, along with allies.  They form an inclusive workplace where partners can deliver their best and develop as leaders.  Partner networks bring our mission and values to life, creating best moments for our customers and communities.
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CELEBRATE Women's History Month!

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Click on Contact @ the top of this page to access Co-Chair Application

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Mid-Atlantic Vision
All partners feel safe, seen, heard and respected while building thriving careers, communities and businesses throughout the Mighty Mid-Atlantic.

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Everyday Uplift! is all things recognition at Starbucks. It's how we cheer each other on, and how we celebrate the diversity and uniqueness that each partner brings to their role.  Get the app - download the Culture Cloud app.  Search the App Store for Apple devices or Play Store for Android.
Check out Dulcie Holtz, Mid-Atlantic PRM, sharing her experience of being part of something bigger
Hear Joe O'Shaughnessy and other partners share what the Community Portal can do for you and your community!
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